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Surprise Aftermath!

WOW! so in my last post I told you guys how my boyfriend had planned a surprise for my birthday. Well my silly ass thought we were just going to dinner, because he is not one for surprises or just planning in general. I guess at some point in this relationship he got tired of listening to me complain about how he " never has a plan" and " never surprises me" with anything! If you know him then you know, he is a straight to the point type of person. I need to know what I want or where I want to go and let him know or my ass not getting SHIT or going anywhere!

So in the begging of planning my birthday I was really planning on going to Vegas with a group of friends. Mined you I NEVER PLAN anything for my birthday, love to celebrate someone else's, Hate to plan my own. However In the middle of trying to plan that the RONA cases spiked and everyone was over it. In my mind that was my only attempt on planning something and it failed and I was good with it, not even trippin. I was more than satisfied on going to dinner or something chill just us, I even made a reservation.

As the days went on my boyfriend told me " I planned dinner and made reservations" I'm like "whattt!" again remember this is the man that DOESN'T plan anything! so I'm exited just at the fact that he made his own reservations, and set up a babysitter. Like what we getting romantic were about to have a solo dinner without the kids! He doesn't tell me anything more than that,

THE DAY OF: so fast forward its the day of my birthday and listen I'm fresh off a baby and we have been stuck in quarantine, I was in need of some serious pampering and self care. Ladies LISTEN!! after baby IT IS OKAY TO TREAT YOURSELF!! SELF CARE IS THE BEST CARE!! so I had morning of pampering planned. I get back home hair done and ready for dinner, so he gets home after the time of our supposed reservation, picks me up and we are headed to dinner or so I thought! we start driving in a random ass direction away from any quality restaurants and pull up to a complex like 5 mins from the house, supposedly he had set up a photoshoot for me to get some new content "OKAY" walk in the building and WOW!

THE SURPRISE!: This man planned me a surprise party and I was SHOOK! genuinely surprised and even more surprised when you get my friends into one room, and realize WOW! I actually have friends, and wow the people really fuck with me! he had it catered to the menu we were supposed to have at our baby shower, SOO thoughtful! he actually thought this out!

However knowing me I was too in shock and felt the pressure of everyone looking at me and being there for me, things went from 0-100 in 2 hours. I never want to hear myself say "take a shot" again! I died out in two hours but within those two hours I definitely enjoyed myself!

Disclaimer: Drinking after a forced baby detox, WOW! the tolerance is non existent

Pappa Twan did good!

take a peek below!

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