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Who is "Mamacita + 3"

Hi! im a new mom girlfriend, friend, daughter & cozy fashion lover. Over my short but what seems like long 2 years into being a mom, I've grown to be more comfortable speaking on all the things I have learned, continuing to learn while juggling being a new mom of two and navigating career changes, relationships and still finding time for myself and hobbies.


So this blog I'm creating is my safe space to talk about all those things and anything else that comes to mind. If your a new mom or a mom that's been in this game for some time or your expecting, this could be your safe place also! if you have ever found your self late night googling random mom thoughts and also love fashion, beauty, organizing, creating & FOOD! then your like me and this is the forum for you!

Basically a space to splurge all my random thoughts and experiences GOOD and BAD, the moments you find are hard to talk about and the ones we want to share with the whole world!

Mercedeez Campbell

Mom & Creator

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